Thursday, May 17, 2018

A day at the beach


I've been procrastinating to type this entry for a very long time. But here it is.

Since I started working as a teacher, I have less time for myself, let alone time for my family. It's really disturbing as spending time with people whom I love is the only thing that keep me sane. Hence, I try to do things that I love as much as I can to keep the pressure under control. For me, it's quite simple. I love nature. Nature can make me calm. So, I decided to go back to nature with my friends.

Actually, it was a last minute plan so we decided to go somewhere near only. As it was weekdays, our parents didn't let us go to any place that can be dangerous to ourselves. Pretty legit because there were only 3 of us, girls who don't know how to swim or how to protect ourselves from bad guys out there. So, we chose to go to the beach.

Upon arrival, the sun was already on top of our head. It was scorching hot! There's no way we're gonna let our skin burn and peel off on the next few days. Nevertheless, the views were spectacular. Next, we went to nearby beach where there were shady trees to protect us from the sun. But still, no swimming as the beach is close! Ha-ha, this must be a joke. I need to de-stress myself but this is getting stressful.

Lastly, we decided to go to somewhere with cold running water, Jeram Linang. Finally, a place with trees and cold running water. The environment gave me tranquility. I felt so calm listening to the birds chirping, sounds of water running. Looking at the trees dancing with the wind, clear water and brown yellowish leaves on the ground, everything fits so perfectly.

I really love nature, no kidding. Except nature with leech. Or worm. Or caterpillar.

And the only thing that hurt my eyes was the plastics, paper plate and cup, paper, tissues and all of the rubbish that some fool left. What did they expect, the rubbish gonna put themselves into rubbish bags? Herghh! Peoples like this don't deserve mother nature. What to say, "pig can come in various appearance".

Ok, back to the nature.

We ate peacefully under the tree, had nasi lemak brought by Mun, sandwiches and cheese sausages brought by NK, watermelon and mango brought by me.

Not wasting time, we jumped right into the water after eating. MasyaAllah, the water was so cold and refreshing. Feels like all of my burden, stress and workload were carried away by the water.

I'm enjoying every moment of soaking myself in the water. 

I stared at this for quite a long time, I put my hand at the swirling water, actually feeling the water moving and touching every nerve of my palms. 

I wish I can climb upward at the waterfall. We didn't even jumped at this place because the water looks dark and we afraid that the water is deep. No risk is gonna be taken. 

We spent our time just relaxing in the water, felt the water running around our feet, hands and head. We sang our favorite song, laugh over silly things, throwback to school time, took lots of pictures--basically everything that didn't require the brain to work hard :)

When our skin shrank like an old women, only then we decided to get out of the water and eat again. You're with me right, we feel super hungry after we play in the water? So we eat again but suddenly the rain poured on us. It's not heavy but we had to go anyway. 

After changing clothes and pray, we went back to the beach. The beach was mesmerizing! Even under the hot scorching sun, it was still gorgeous. I took a moment to walk bare feet on the soft warm sand, listening to the wave hitting the beach, embracing the magnificent blue sky and enjoying the sea wave blowing. Ah, perfect!

I really enjoyed my time at the waterfall and the beach. I let go of my stress and absorb all of the vitamin-sea . I find peace again in the nature.

Yet, it will never be the same without these girls. They made my day, they laughed with me and sometimes laughed at me :P Hoping to create more great and wonderful memories with them.

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