Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Part Time Job


Today is my off day so I've been staying at home all day. Woke up early and vacuumed the house, read a few series of Detective Conan comic online, cooked mac n cheese, make mango smoothie and now I'm enjoying myself listening to Maroon 5 under the green shady mulberry tree. The blue sky and white cotton cloud is perfect too. What a beautiful day!

Mango smoothie with mango chunk on top *drooling* 

As I mentioned before, I've been working as teaching assistant at a tuition center. I'm not going to expose the name of the place I'm working at, safety precaution from stalker (macam la ada hahahaha). The place is very near to my house, I can even walk to the place but of course I won't do so. First, it's not safe, it would be a totally different story if I'm living in Japan. Second, who want to be sweating when you arrive at your job place? Not me, I'll exercise if I want to sweat.

The job was actually recommended by one of my high school friend. She just started working there too and asked my to try my luck. Well, I've been unemployed for quite a long time and had no more money to buy things or food that I want. Mama won't simply give me money to buy new blouse or spend on RM 12 of mocha frappe at the local coffee shop, lol who give money to the daughter to spend on stupid things? I won't too, sorry my children you have to work your ass to buy things. I need a job to feed my craving and stupid desire, so this is a great opportunity for me.

The working hours is quite fun, the earliest working hour is at 10 am. I don't have to worry on being late to work and I can even cook my breakfast, do some laundry, cook lunch for lunch break and do some exercise in the morning. I can go home earlier if I don't take lunch break too. How great right?

My job is actually to assist the students in doing the exercise and homework given by the tuition center. I also have to mark the homework and write down the mark in the record book. For me, the job is very easy as we already equipped with marking scheme, no brain is needed to do the job hahaha. But I use my brain when I'm teaching the students to do the homework, don't worry parents.

What I love about this job is that I can meet many young students and see their funny and naughty behaviour in the class. Where else you can meet a boy who said his hand is tired when the only thing that he did is counting from 30 to 50, using his MOUTH. And another boy who questioned the intelligence of the teacher when he is the one who didn't memorise the sifir. They're so young and so funny, and innocent too hahaha. I can't help but smiling to my ear every time they call me "teacher". Awwhh, so cute!

The pay is mehh but nevermind. The job is easy, the students are cute, so I'm okay.

This is just a part time job. I hope I will get a real permanent job in engineering soon. I spent 4 freaking years for engineering so I better secure myself a job. I'm tired of attending interview, so please, I'm begging anyone to hire me to be an engineer. Lol, so desperate.

Nahh, I'm good. Life is good. I have faith that Allah is with me, there will be ease after every difficulty. InsyaAllah, life is good. All is well.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

New moisturiser.


Pheww, two post in a day! But I promise this is just a quick, simple and short entry. I need to get a shower and go to work later.

Oh talking about work, I am currently working as a teaching assistant a tuition center. Will update about it later.

Back to the entry.

My skin is kinda annoying nowadays. Sometimes it get oily, sometimes it get really dry. And worse, it started to give me pimples. I still can't figure out what is happening or why and what cause it to happen. Is it my lifestyle? Food? Hygiene? Environment? Or is it my skin is just showing protest against something that I have done recently? I don't know.

A close up of my face so you can see my pimple and scar that annoy me everyday. You will probably see wrinkle line under my eyes too. 

This is one is a filter photo, my normal photo on Instagram always give my friends an impression that my face looks like this, lol. Technology guys >.<

I try my best to always apply moisturiser on my face. I need to give proper hydration for my skin so it won't be too..umm, I would say too scary for me to see in the mirror.

Two days ago, I have emptied my previous moisturiser that I love so much. I used Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream and I love love love it! It keeps my skin smooth, supple and well moisturise. However, the price is quite expensive and I can't afford it now.

Photo from Google.
Photo from Google

But I still need a moisturiser for my skin tho. I read a lot of review in twitter and Google to look for a good product for oily skin. I am concern about my pimple and scars too.

I end up buying Cosmoderm Tea Tree Moisturiser. It cost me RM15.90 (offer price).

I am attracted that this product contain Vitamin E which is good for scars, UV protection and tea tree oil which is good for pimple. Siap ada logo Halal, gitewww!

The texture is very creamy. Which is not what I would prefer for my skin.

But let's see how this moisturiser works on my skin. Will give review about it if I have free time.

Towards healthy lifestyle!


I think everyone knows that I'm a huge fans of Vivy Yusof. I adore her, her fashion style, her hard work, her writing in Proudduck, her products and her family. I follow her best friend in Instagram too, just because I adore their friendship as well. One of them is Asma Nasa.

Fun fact about me, I get influenced by internet or people in media social easily. (Disclaimer: only things concerning health and beauty).

For example, when I saw people on Instagram being a vegetarian, eating a lot of vegetables and fruits, displaying gorgeous healthy meals on Instagram, I immediately wanna be a vegetarian too. Only to realise it's too hard to say goodbye to rendang daging, sate ayam, kambing bakar, ayam goreng, daging salai masak lemak cili api, ayam pedas...umm, okay you can list everything with meat here.

So when Asma Nasa regularly put Insta story about her juicing routine, I thought, wow this could be fun. Drinking green juice, getting enough vitamin for body and skin, having glowing skin, that's sounds so cool. My body will thanked me too.

There you go, got influenced by internet again.

Benefits of juicing

  • Lower high cholestrol
  • Help detoxify our body
  • Lower blood sugar level
  • Help to get better skin
  • Aid digestion
  • Boost immune system
  • Help prevent cancer
  • Flood the body with micronutrients
  • Guard against oxidative cellular damage
  • Support brain health

The juice!

Juice that I made the other day. Tomato + carrot + cucumber + ginger.

I don't have any specific guideline to do my juice. I'll just blend everything that I have in the vegetable box. And I love ginger in my juice, it give a hint of spiciness to the juice. 

To be honest, I don't know whether this is the right way to do juicing hahaha. Just follow my gut and I will drink it as long as it doesn't taste like a puke or weird. I hope I will stick to this routine until I get married, have children, grandchildren and grand grandchildren. Let's hope I can do juicing with my husband together <3

I google on how to make green juice just in case you want to try to make one today -.< Hope it will be useful for me (in the future) and you. 

Also, here are a few juice recipes if you wanna try some. All seems delicious enough for me to try. 

I also try to start doing exercise and put a target to do it 2-3 times a week. I need to practice healthy lifestyle for the sake of my body, health and skin. I don't want to be huge giant walking difficultly and having problems to even go the first floor using stairs. 

Watching sunrise while doing morning walk with Bokbong. 

And I try not to continue sleeping after Subuh. I think I can do more if I wake up earlier. I can cook, clean the house, washing clothes, exercise, watching VS fashion show (eh?), and a lot of other things. Mama will love me more too, hahahaha.

Let's hope and work our ass for better health, body and skin. Towards better Ammelia!