Sunday, January 6, 2019

My Perfect Day


I've been dreaming to have a good day just to spend with myself--that dream has been running in my mind for a very longggggg time. It has to be the day where I..

  • Wear something that makes me feel good
  • Go to a coffee shop in town that I've never been to
  • Have a good meal and drink 
  • Read a good book
And I want to call it "My Perfect Day"!

Waking up in the morning and thinking to myself--why not make it today as "the" day?

So, I took a good long shower. Applied some body butter name 'Beautiful Day' that I bought last week from the sales at Bath & Body Works. I smell like a walking flower garden..or that's what I feels like hahaha.

Chose a clean white blouse to make me feels elegant--white does make you look elegant.
A super loose black palazzo so I will be comfortable and get that flow-y move.
A piece of flower printed scarf in yellow that have been left untouched for a long time.

I make sure a choose everything, not just randomly take anything that is easy to iron or place at the top of the wardrobe only.

I decided to wear makeup too. I have no time to wear makeup when going to work, weekend is the only time where I can use all of the unnecessary makeup I got from previous sales at the drugstore. So, started it with sunblock, a thin layer of compact powder, bronzer for that tanned look, a simple 'sunset' theme eyeshadow, a nice touch of highlighter so I'll look radiant and glowing even when I don't :))) Oh, and finished it with 'Toasted Brown' lipstick from Maybelline.

Walaweh, already looks like Miranda Kerr hahaha. Can I fall in love with myself?

Before going out, took a few pumps of 'Glam Angel' perfume. Seriously, smells good makes me feels good.

Lastly, a random book from the shelf. I choose Perca by Roza Roslan. Read a few of her books befores and I love all of her works. Her piece is always written in simple sentences, bringing me through her past but never fail to make me reflect on myself too.

I choose to have a lunch at Cofeology-just nearby my house.  The cafe has a good ambiance, good music and various meals to choose. It was almost full with peoples spending their weekend with friends and family. Ahhh-I like it already.

I already decided not to be stingy about the price. Workard (not really hard but yeah pretty tired at the end of the day) and gain some money. I always wanted to eat luxurious meal since forever, now I have some penny so why not reward myself now?

Hence, I opted for beef steak for the main course and Cofeology Special drink which I have no idea what it is--but hey surprise me in a good way ok? While waiting for the them to be ready in the kitchen, I read the book.

Fast forward, I dine in the medium rare beef steak. Hmmm...the taste does not like what I imagine when I watch Gordon Ramsay prepared his beef steak on the television.

 But whatever. Now, the drink. Had a sip of it and that's it--I'm in heaven, goodbye world. It was sooooo good! There's a hint of espresso, chocolate, biscuit, caramel, whipped cream and I don't know what else because I don't have the tongue of Jamie Oliver nor Wolfgang Puck. Love love love it.

After finished the whole plate, I read a few lines of the book again. Just a quiet read--at the corner of the cafe while sitting comfortably on the couch.

The day won't be perfect without a good sweet dessert. So I ordered Creme & Berries Waffle. Now, that's perfect.

After almost 3 hours in the cafe, I have to go back or I will other another cup of coffee and cake. I don't believe that I have that kind of self control :')

While I was at the counter to pay, the cashier what's book that I read and what's good about it. Thank you cashier-you complete my day. I always dream that the staff from the coffee shop to ask about the book I read or if I have a good meal--just like in the movie. Hahahaha! Thank you so much for make it a dream comes true <3

Now, back at home. I listened to the 'I feel good' song and dance too. Wehhhh, this is really MY PERFECT DAY. A good Sunday, spend alone with good book and good meal. Alhamdulillah. Will ereat it again some day after I recover from the bankruptcy hahahaha.

Till the next time! XOXO!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2018 Review & 2019 Resolutions


Hey, it's 2019 already! Happy new year! Ewah bersemangat nampaknya. Macam biasa, I akan review balik 2018 resolutions--nak tengok jugak tahap mana semangat berkobar-kobar nak achieve goals tu. Ke hangat-hangat tahi ciken je? Ok, meh kita check. 

1. Secure a good job-Alhamdulillah, I secured a job. 
2. Try to make it to all of my friends wedding in 2018- Alhamdulillah, I was there for each of them.
3. Bungee jumping!- Tak sempat.
4. Buy my own car, my first car-Belum ready nak ada financial commitment.
5. Consistently save money for projek kahwin- Projek tergendala.
6. Travel to Bali or Krabi or Lombok- Went to Hatyai.
7. Have a clear, flawless, glowing skin- Takde la flawless tapi alhamdulillah pimple attack sudah terkawal. 
8. I really wanna join volunteer activity- Tak bersungguh-sungguh cari 
9. Go for umrah with mama and papa- Belanjawan tergendala
10. Lost 5 kg- Alhamdulillah, gained another 5kg luls.

Ya, itu sajalah review untuk 2018. Tapi--sebenarnya banyak sangat perkara yang jadi tahun lepas. 

Jan- Got interview invitation by Exxon Mobil
     - Visited Galeri Petronas
Feb- Work as teaching assistant for English and Mathematics
Mar- Meet his family for the first time
     - Attended Nina's wedding
     - Attended Baz's wedding
     - Celebrated Papa's birthday at home
Apr- Work as tuition teacher for Mathematics, Modern Mathematics, Science, BM, English, Physics
May- Visited Ilham Gallery
      - Joined SL1M program  
Jun- Attended Chewy's engagement
      - Attended Kak Ti's engagement
       - On job training with Selia Tek as Product Development junior executive
Jul- Attended first wedding with him
      -Visited Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery
      - Visited Malacca
Aug- Work as engineer
      - Visited Istana Kesultanan Melaka
      - Got my first birthday surprise
      - SueFiMel reunited
      - Visited Hatyai
Oct- Overnight with Pillowtalk girls at Empire Damansara
     - First ride with his new car
Nov- Attended Ikah's wedding
     - Spend a day at the beach with his family
Dec- Attended Kak Ti's wedding
     - Celebrated Mama's birthday at home

Fuhh rasa macam buat resume panjang-panjang gini. Basically, 2018 was a really difficult year for me. At some parts, I was miserable, exhausted and sad. 2018 was my year of tears. There were really some tough nights but alhamdulillah I survived it all. 

2018 was my year of growth and getting out of my comfort zone. I met new amazing peoples, learnt new things, explore new cities. 2018 pushed me to be stronger, be the best version of myself. 2018 taught me to never give up and never lose hope-- that I'll get there, I just have to keep trying and never stop when things getting harder. To be honest, I don't want to repeat 2018. 

So-what's up 2019?

I pray that 2019 will be my year where I'll bloom beautifully. I don't seek perfectness but I want to see good in all bad, to repent while I still can, to devote myself to my God, my parents and family, to be grateful with what I have, to always volunteer myself to do good things and to learn new experience and knowledge. 

Tapi semestinya I kena ada resolutions, supaya hidup ada goals gitu. Hidup tanpa arah tuju ni--memenatkan. Moh ler kite.

1. Read 24 books, two books per month.
2. Bungee jumping! 
3. Save RM3k.
4. Dhuha at least three times a week.
5. Tahajud at least once a week.
6. Khatam Al-Quran twice in a year-while reading the tafseer.
7. Perform the taubah prayer at least once a week.
8. Buy my first car.
9. Start a charity project for my school-maybe provide water dispenser for students' usage? Or anything they need.
10. Donate regularly.
11. Buy gold.
12. Perform ibadah korban.
13. Take care of a pot plant-cactus?
14. Donate blood-omg so scare!
15. Join a class-uruskan jenazah, the correct way to pray, or anything. 

Okay, that's all. I'll add more in my planner-which I didn't buy yet :)

I think my resolutions are more realistic this year and clearer. Let's pray that I can achieve it all. Amin. 

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Sister's wedding


Fuhh, lamanya tak buat entry. Either sibuk dengan kerja or nak rehat lepas sibuk kerja. Since this one story is very important, I have to write about it.

If you follow my instagram, you'll know about it already. For those who is wondering>>>>>

My sister got married!

Alhamdulillah, finally she found the love of her life. And I hope they will be happy eternally together.


I'm not around during her solemnization. I was working and have no annual leave to go back early to home. I only arrived a day before her reception. Already forgot how it feels like doing rewang for kenduri. Almost all of our cousins have grown so fast and rocking their adulthood already. During my brothers' wedding years ago, I remember running around, playing hide and seek, asking for fried chicken from the kitchen, shyly holding the wedding gift basket. Now, that was what exactly my nieces were doing during my sister's wedding. Time has changed, so fast. 

So, when I arrived, I have to help mama with the preparation for cooking. Mama decided not to use the catering service and insist to keep the tradition, everything cook by family. However, not all cooking were done at my home, some were cooked at my aunt's house and they bring it over during the day. We were not gather together like the old days when aunts sharing story of their memories from the 80s or 90s, laughing, had makan-makan and all. The truth is, it feels so different.

During the reception day, my siblings were so busy. Mama and papa were busy greeting and meeting the relatives and friends. So hectic! A lot of Kakti's friends came and some even came from KL.

One thing that I will remember forever, mama and papa were so upset when we dragged them to take family photos. I know it's bad to laugh when they're angry but I can't imagine how they pretend to smile during the picture was taken when in their heart, they were so irritated hahahaha! And it was so hard to have everyone to gather and make a complete family photo. Peoples were coming non-stop, someone had to greet them so that's why. Nevertheless, we managed to take family photo yeayyy (with a lil bit of drama of crying and jumping from nieces and nephews of course).\

Alhamdulillah, everything were good. Kakti looks so happy and that's what matter most, because it's her wedding day. And she don't have to have berlecak ketiak ashemm ke hulu, ke hilir tambah lauk, lucky you =,= You wait ah my wedding, he he he.

To Kakti, congratulations. I pray that your marriage will be full of blessing and prosperity. May you be happy with your husband, forever. I still need you to belanja me makan when I go home okay! To le BIL, welcome to the family. Take a good care of her. She deserves all the love in the world. Now, I have extra person to paw too hiks.

Ummm so next, me or Nina? Hopefully, it's gonna be me (so gatal ehhhh).