Sunday, November 20, 2016

Their day!


November almost end now. Less than two months before I recall everything that happened in 2016 and write it in this blog. I'll make an entry; a must have entry in a year, lol! But before that...I will just make this short entry to kill the time. (Kill the time huh? when in fact I need more time).

Ok macam ni. 

Biasalah kan, at the end of year semua universiti akan buat convocation ceremony. So this year, my bestfriend during foundation study (and still now); Afi have graduated. She took 3 years program at UKM so sebab tu lah she graduated first, earlier than me. Now she's in master study. Since she is one of my good friend, of course lah aku pergi dia grad kan, mana bole melepaskan golden moment ini. Paling tak boleh blah, aku baru sampai KLIA kot pagi tu tapi sanggup naik turun public transport just to make it to her day. You better come to my convo pulak Afi #mengungkit

Ok this one is more important. It's Nina's convo day! Walaupun dulu masa kecik-kecik selalu bergaduh tiap hari (well, that's what siblings do all the time), selalu jealous sebab rasa mama sayang dia lebih (lol), but I can't imagine my childhood without her. Yelah, siblings lain semua dah besar beza berbelas tahun, so I only have her to play around. We grow up together, we play together, we have the same friend during primary school, we wear the same clothes (beza warna je hahaha), we share gossips together, we ate together most of the time, every things we did together, or she did it with my orders hahaha. She is my true best friend, if I die I will wasiat all my things to her hahahaha but she won't read my boring books -,-" Bila pikir-pikir balik, she is the best thing in my life. 

Takde gambar grad dengan Nina, ini gambar cuti midsem itu hari. 

So, congrats Nina!!!!! I'm a proud sister!!!! I can't make it to your diploma graduation day, but I will try my best to come to your degree graduation, promise! 

Turn aku pulak tahun depan, insyaAllah. Doakan aku kuat dan dipermudah segala urusan. Terutama kerja-kerja experiment dan design project aku tu  T.T 

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