Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Challenging myself more


I'm young. Young and healthy, alhamdulillah. 

So I've been thinking, while I'm still young and healthy..why don't I do as much things as possible. I mean, things yang you cannot do when you're old and weak. 

When my friend invited me for paintball game, I thought this is it. Time to be young, time to feel young, time to embrace of being young and healthy.

Heh, tak jugak sebenarnya. 

Actually I'm currently in the most hectic phase of my life (for now). Well, my sleeping routine is a mess, my eyebag weighed 20 kg, my body ache for rest, caffeine is my best friend. I think that I need to escape from the chaos, kejap pun jadi la. I don't want to sink in the workloads. Escape, even just for a few hours.

So menjadi la last minute plan to play paintball. I went to Extreme Park Section 13, Shah Alam with a group of strangers. The only face that I know is my face and Nadia's. 

While waiting for the marshall fill in the gas into our marker (they call it marker, not gun), I was so nervous. Keep asking myself, apa lah aku buat ni. Why did I agreed to this idea urghhh. But I have to do it, there's no turning back. Jangan rebah sebelum berjuang!

 Face mask for protection.

The marker, not gun ok.

The marker was a bit heavy and the battlefield was not that big. Yelah, game je pun takkan nak besar dua ekar. We were divided into two teams, each were given with different chest protector. So dapat la cam siapa kawan, siapa lawan.

Marshall akan bagi short briefing, so untuk first timer jangan risau ok. Game dia macam ni, both teams kena rebut flag. Ada a few types of game tapi kitaorang pilih untuk main base-to-base game dengan center game. For center game, flag dekat center so pergi lah korang berebut ambil flag tu. For base-to-base game, flag ada dekat base setiap team. The mission is to ceroboh base pihak lawan dan ambil flag dorang.

Tapi yang best nye center game ni, if korang dah mati kena shot then you have to go back to your base. Count to 5 and you are eligible to play again. Kalau base-to-base, kau mati kira mati takkan hidup kembali, terus ke alam barzakh.

Tapi apa lah nasib team aku kalah 0-4. Loser ya amat hahaha

 Hamekkau kena shot dekat mata, nasib baik ada mask. Pheww!

Team batalion aku, yang kalah 4 games berturut-turut -,-"

My experience and tips: being shot tak ada la sakit sangat. Eh sakit la jugak tapi I thought it will be more painful, rupanya tak pun. But there's a boy yang kena shot dekat leher lepastu jadi merah keluar darah sikit. So safety first, try not to get shot at open skin. Don't wear shirt with bright colour! Senang kena aim nanti hahaha, have you ever heard of camouflage? 

And.....this is important. Don't go and play paintball with stranger. It's fine tapi macam hambar sikit la sebab tak biasa kan. Feel tu takde. Just my thought la. Lagi best main dengan kawan-kawan, at least I can aim at someone her her. 

Gaya taknak kalah, padahal shot berterabur sampai habis pellet. 

Will repeat this next time, insyaAllah. To those yang belum pernah try, go and boost your adrenaline  level with this exciting game.

This is not paintball, obviously duh! Ni sesi majalah Manga, shoot tepi kolam tu hahahaha. 

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