Thursday, August 25, 2016

Internship: Engineering


Recently, I`ve been updating a lot about Nobeoka, Japan. Eh a lot tu kalau consider draft yang aku tak post lagi hihi. Yelah, 3 bulan bermastautin di sana maka kita perlu update untuk bagitau kepada seluruh umat manusia kohkoh. Actually it is not a holiday hora-horayy Didi and friends but I did my internship at a Japanese company, Asahi Yukizai.

Hoh, what is Asahi Yukizai ni?

AY is a well-known company which manufacture valve and anything related to piping system. They have 2 HQ, one at Tokyo and another one at Nobeoka.My sv said they manufacture the best valve in Japan. Dialah yang cakap, aku mana tahu aku pendatang je.

Buat sesiapa yang wondering apa itu valvee, valve is a piping part that control the flow of fluid in a piping system. Ada banyak types of valve available such as butterfly valve (comels kan nama), ball valve, check valve, air release valve and many more. Valves come in different size, material and special feature according to the piping process and condition. It is used in aquarium, agriculture, chemical industry and all system that required a process flow control. Paip air dekat rumah tu pun ada aplikasi valve ye tuan-puan.

Ini butterfly valve dan ia memang takde rupa butterfly pun.

Omg, my blog is so educated now. Sila baca doa belajar supaya ingat info ni sampai bila-bila dan boleh berlagak cool discuss dengan kengkawan engineer walaupun kau berkerjaya sebagai jururawat yang comel di hospital.

I`ve been placed in Development & Improvement group (similar to R&D in Malaysia). Since it is R&D group, my work mostly ulang-ulang buat valve testing, assemble and disassemble valve and not to forget tukang kutip nut and bolt.Susah nak develop and improve product rupanya huhuhu baru I tahu. I follow wherever my sv go including meeting (walaupun the meeting is conducted in Japanese!), short business trip to cooperative company and meet with people who responsible for certain things. I called myself shadow of my supervisor hikhik sebab mengikut je ke mana dia pergi.

During my working time, I also observed the Japanese working ethics and values that they have in their daily life.

  • They always greet people every time they bumped into someone. The least thing they will do is nod, simple but convincing nod. If they rajin sikit, they`ll say konnichiwa or any greetings hehee. But I like this simple act of nodding, rasa macam dorang acknowledge kewujudan kita dan kita tak akan rasa seperti hantu casper yang invisible.

  • They are so humble! It is a common thing for Japanese to give their business card on the first time they meet with people (if dekat workplace la, jadah pulak nak bagi business card dekat rumah). Hmm tiba-tiba rasa macam takde kaitan pulak humble dengan bagi business card. Ok, humble tu sebab dorang tak kisah pangkat dan senang hati je share expertise dorang untuk kita belajar walaupun aku ni asyik tercengang tak faham. Bilik untuk manager pun takde, manager duduk sekali je dengan semua workers tapi meja dia dekat tepi menghadap semua orang la. Kalau korek hidung pun boleh nampak jelas.

  • Every Wednesday and Friday, they`ll do cleaning session. During the session, semua manager, team leader bos ke apa semua pakat bersihkan building compound. Tengah discuss pasal valve dimensions dengan muka bergaya tiba-tiba sekelip mata pegang penyapu uzur nauzubillah, lap cermin, angkat sampah masuk plastic besar. I also experienced their community service cleaning session where they clean up the place outside of the factory. Bagusnya semua buat kerja, tak ada yang sembang pung pang pung pang tapi kerja tak jalan.

  • They are very committed with their work. Or should I put workaholic? The working hours is from 8 am-5 pm. Tapi jarang sekali nampak dorang balik pukul 5, most of them will stay up to 7pm or 10pm when there is huge workload. Ada sorang kakak cantik tu everyday kerja sampai 10pm pastu pagi-pagi pukul 7.30 dah terpacak dekat office, workaholic nak mampos.

  • Pernah sekali ada grand meeting with CEO of the company and I can't recognize him even he has large picture of his figure in company`s magazine. He greet me with warm smile and saying konnichiwa and I reply but I don`t know that he is the big boss. The day after, we meet again but this time he came to me and said "excuse me, you are so comels let`s take picture together!". Well, conversation tu mestilah tak wujud tapi omg, CEO company came and talked to me, the hopeless shadow of my supervisor. Ok, ni saje bercerita untuk show off hahahaha.

  • When we communicate, we used English since I cannot understand Japanese very well. Sukoshi shaberu dekimasu (boleh cakap sikit-sikit) je since I pemalas tak belajar bahasa Jepun betul-betul huhuhu. They also not so good in English but they put so much effort to communicate with us, especially when they want to explain about product. If they don't know the words, they will take out the phone and translate it. Bagusnye lahai!

  • Everyone looks so young! Ok, this one is not about work ethic hehee. But seriously, everyone looks so young. My team leader is 40 something but he looks like 25! While I looks like I`m 29 when I`m only 19 ehemmm. I assume they got their young looks because they eat healthy, they eat green, they don`t use too much oil, they always drink green tea, they move a lot.

  • After lunch, they will brush their teeth. Every day. They have space to keep the brush tooth and toothpaste so it`s easy and you won't come out with excuse `alamak berus gigi jauh, cannot brush my teeth`. For men, they cannot fit in the toilet since men>ladies in number. So they`ll line up outside the toilet while brushing their teeth hehehe cuteeee!

There`s a lot more but I cannot recall la pulokkk. Gomenasai! But seriously, it was a great experience to work and learn a lot about engineering and also their culture and also berjalan setiap hujung minggu ke tempat-tempat menarik heheee. Next week already the last week of my intern and I`m so excited balik nak makan KFC dengan nasi kerabu! Tapi sedihlah berpisah nanti, harap-harap dapat control macho tak menangis.

Oh, btw kannn..ada jugak orang yang tanya how I can do my intern at Japan, apakah procedure and etc. Actually everything is arranged by my faculty since my faculty memang built for Malaysia-Japan style of education. I just submit my resume and application then being selected Alhamdulillah, tup tupp dah sampai Jepun. But if you wanna ask anything, feel free to contact me thru email ok? XOXO!

Appreciation to my R&D members, I love you guys so much, Yamamoto-san, Masuda-san, Goto-san, Kai-san, Shakagori-san, Kunimoto-san, Emi-san, Matsushita-san and everyone! You guys rockkkkk!

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