Saturday, April 2, 2016

Tips Move On


Kemain tajuk entry kalini nak kasi tips move on koh koh. Awal-awal nak warning:


This is based on true story and true experience. I wanna share bcos I found lots of people trying to move on after being dumped, broke up or rejected or whatsoever but they don't know how.

"Babe please, how to move on? What to do? How to react? What's the do and don't?"

Yeah, the questions are kinda like that. I'm not an expert but I thinks it worked on me so who know it worked on you too, yes? Just try it out!

1. Be SUPER DUPER busy!
Don't let yourself laying on bed doing nothing. No! Be busy, if possible, 24/7 busy.

2. Find something INTERESTING to do.
Do your hobby, get it started! If you're thinking of doing business, do it now. Join volunteering works. Go hiking, go swimming, go read some books.

3. Hang out with friends.
What's friends are for? Hang out together, have lunch or dinner together. Laugh and enjoy yourself! Go food hunting, yeshhhhh.

4. Master a game.
Hahaha it's a fun thing to do, seriously! Try and play UNO or Saidina or anything that required 2-3 players. The more is merrier, Or try out new sports, what about archery?

5. Don't push yourself.
No, please don't. Don't be too hard on yourself. It's normal to be sad and depressed. Let it happen slowly and naturally. The more you push yourself, the harder it get.

6. Get a new haircut!
I don't know how it helps but you'll feel new and fresh. You'll feel better. It's like you left all the things behind.

7. Find secret friend to confess.
You'll find some time that it's so hard, very very very hard and you need to throw it all out. Confess to someone, let it out. Make sure the person is not either encouraging or discouraging, that's bias!

8. Eat?
"Eat, you'll feel better"-quoted from Professor Lupin, in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

9. Go back to Allah.
"Only in remembrance of Allah (swt) will your heart find peace"-Surah 13: verse 28
Find your back to Allah, please.

Nah bunga to make you feel better :)

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