Monday, April 18, 2016

How I fall in love with skincare.


As a girl with two sisters, I always watched whatever my sisters do, wear, behave and everything. Once, I can't help it but curious and wondering why my sisters have so many skincare products on the table. Why do they wear things like that when their face are already flawless, or at least it's flawless to me. I remember curi-curi pakai my sister's cucumber peel of mask when I was in primary school and feel my skin so 'tight' afterwards. I was really scared and thought the mask have destroyed my young innocent skin. 

Years passed and I'm a grown up. At university, I'm surrounded with girl friends and they introduced me to the skincare world. Actually the topic just popped out of nowhere during our gossip session and then I think I'm kinda interested with the topic and start to read on my own from blogs and articles. Then, there's my friend who e-mail me a book about skincare which I found very interesting and make me care more about my skin. 

The book that I mentioned, written by Charlotte Cho. (Image from Google, thanks to the owner)
Let me introduce the book briefly to you guys. It is about how, why, when and what to do or wear to get healthy glowing skin. I love this book because it explain in details why we need to take care of our skin, what's the function of each skincare, how and when to wear it and the best part is, the writer give recommendation of a few products to be tried out. The writer also tell the story on how she started to take care of her skin years before as well as her background. So, check the book out at bookstore and read it! Absolutely recommended to every girl in the world :)

I don't even realize when I started to buy skincare products and get nearly-obsessed with it. Now I find myself walking and checking on the shelf of drugstore almost regularly. O-M-G. I started to be like my sisters and feel so old. Hermo website is also my best-virtual-friend apart from twitter and instagram now. 

Oh, I think I fall in love, with skincare.

Hey, do you know the basic (not-so-basic) skincare steps that we have to do? Afraid not, lemme share this picture. 

So this is the 9 steps of skincare routine that we should practice from now on. Yeah, like now, now. Actually there is a another last step after moisturizer which is sun protection. Add that by yourself, alright girls? For now, I just use foam cleanser, toner, exfoliator, mask and moisturizer. But I'm taking baby step to improve my skincare routine, so maybe eye cream, oil cleanser, and emulsion in the future? Let's hope for the best, for a better healthier glowing skin!

While I'm saving to buy all the items required for a perfect skincare routine, I'll stick to window shopping at website and drugstore. Hmmm maybe purchasing a couple of cute things too or maybe miniature and sample of products. This is so bad guys, I can accidentally spend all my money on these things. Help me to go against this desire ya Allah.

Look at these items that I 'accidentally' bought on the other day. I feel very sinful >.<

So obsessed with sheet mask because the packaging is cute!
I had so much fun wearing sheet mask now, they're nourishing, moisturizing, hydrating and repairing my skin (depends on product). Plus, they come in cute packaging. I love cute things, that's why I love myself hahahaha ;D

I'll explain more about the 10 steps skincare routine later if I have free time. Or maybe an entry about product review? I have instinct that the entry will come only in next month, or maybe next next next next month. I'm lazy liddat.

See you soon when your skin glowing like the star in the sky!

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