Saturday, April 23, 2016

Time crisis


Seriously, my brain feels very numb. I’ve done too much of lab reports, not kidding it’s way too much. A total of 4 lab reports each week, for 3 weeks. That does not include other assignment, presentation, group discussion, project and reports. I’ve read too much journals, articles, websites and forum about chemical process. I think I almost become another Albert Einstein. To make it worse, these 3 weeks are sports’ weeks of my faculty and I’m in the volleyball team. Thus, more match and training to be attended. Exhausted!

But I have this one bad habit of doing unnecessary and unimportant things when I have A LOT of job to be done.

--- sweeping the floor

--- cleaning the dust at all edge of my room

--- doing the laundry

--- refill the water

--- change the bed sheet

--- wearing mask

Not so surprisingly, I have no desire to do all that when I have free time. But when I have tons of work, there, the desires come to each of my cells, my muscles, my joints. And I can’t continue with my work without doing it since it gives me a weird uncomfortable feeling.

Do I have a priority issue here? No, no. I know exactly what my priority is, I know what I need to do in the first place.

Wait guys.




And what the hell am I doing, typing this entry now?!


I should be typing my lab reports!


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