Saturday, April 30, 2016



I already got my parcel from Hermo. O-M-G I’m so exciteddddd! As I told you guys before, I’ve been doing window shopping at the website regularly. So this is an achievement unlock for me to shop with them. I guaranteed more to come in the future.


The order was placed on Tuesday around 11.45 p.m and the payment is done on the spot. Everything was smooth and convenient. The postage is surprisingly very fast as I got the parcel on Thursday evening! How cool is that? The packaging came in a properly sealed box and each item is wrapped in pop-up plastic. Alaaa, the one yang kita suka picit-picit pastu meletup pop pop tu. Haaa, that one! I can say that they take their delivery item very seriously so have no worries about the delivery process.

A plus bonus, they constantly have promotion on their products. Check out at their website before you decide to buy it at physical store because sometimes Hermo give you better price.

Score: 10/10!

I bought the high rating product recommended by Charlotte in her book, Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash Off. The review is so convincing and since the brand has good reputation too, so it goes in my shopping chart then! This 100g mask is made in Korea and has the scent of strawberry. It might be a turn-off for those who don’t like scented product but not for me. I love the scent!

Next is Naruko All-in-One High Potency Moisturizer. I’m very interested with the product specification. Besides, the price is quite cheap, just RM29.00 so why not give it a try, yes? her her. Oh, the best part is I got one Naruko sheet mask for free with the purchase of this moisturiser. Another reason to re-purchase at Hermo.

(I can't find nice picture of this thing in Google hahaha)

The last item is Petitfee Gold Premium Hydro Gel Eye Patch. Well, I noticed wrinkles under my eyes and I am only in early 20s! I think it is bcos I always rub my eyes vigorously so the eyes decide to rebel and give me wrinkles as a torture. Yeah, you have made your point dear eyes. This eye patch is on sale so, one eye patch goes into my chart.

I'm in the middle of trying session now. For now, I've tried eye patch and the wash off mask, The strawberry scent is really strong even my roommate can smell it once she enter the room. The eye patch is cool, barely notice the smell but it feel so refreshing. More review on my next entry (maybe, no promises).

But to Hermo, you guys rock! Love buying from you. 

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