Thursday, March 26, 2015

Vivy Yusof's Influence


I’m quite amaze with myself for still making entries in English. It’s not easy but I’ll try to keep it up.

Here is the thing. I don’t remember the last time I became so obsessed with people’s life. I mean, peoples do get overly attached with their favourite band, singer, chef, author or actress sometimes. They know everything about their idol. As for me, I don’t really have that kind of obsession.

But somehow, I realize that I’ve got a girl crush over Vivy Yusoff now. Came across her name when my younger sister mentions her in our conversations and she showed me Vivy’s Instagram once. That’s not the time I started to idolize her, I can’t remember when.

I started following her on Instagram and amuse with her chic yet decent and simple style. Really adore how she manages to look good and elegance even when she is in pantang. I’m like,..

“Hey how can Vivy looks so pretty and being fashionable in her pantang? She supposed to look pale, tired, wear something a woman in pantang will wear. I look like a Zombie now and I’m not even in pantang!”

From then on I realize that I’m stalking her Instagram, blog ProudDuck and Twitter. Oh I didn’t follow her FB because I rarely used it now. The most interesting thing about her is how she runs FashionValet on her own from the start developing the business into multimillion worth business and introducing her own label for DuckScarves. She is so ambitious and determine! What a strong woman, beauty with brain.

I love it when she wears pastel, because I love pastel. 

Simple and stylish. 

The husband and wife team behind FashionValet.

Turns out that I started to write my blog in English (yeah, that’s why). Then I started to give attention of what I’m wearing, trying to have a bit sense of fashion now. But the most irritating thing is I started to be like..

“OMG, look! Vivy post a photo you guys!”

“I’ll buy this blouse, it looks like Vivy’s”

“Eh, we have the same second name, it’s Yusoff uolls”

Really, it’s irritating even to myself hahaha. How can she have so much influence over me? Gosh! This thing must stop. But I won’t stop admiring her and will be successful like her. Will do.

“OMG, I sound so ambitious, It’s like Vivy uolls!"


  1. same goes to me. saya pun selalu usha ig Vivy. anak-anak dia comel sangat kan? heheh and and and i love to read your blog cause it in English (so that I can improve my english. yeayyy!)

    1. betol, anak dia comel-comel semua. Glad that you love to read my blog, afraid that no one read mine, hahaha

  2. When I first click on your name in your comment at my blog, the new tab is open and the first word I see is Vivy and I was like "oh my god, she does have same interest like me". If I'm not mistaken, I started follow her since the first time I saw her name in Nuffnang's page. Glad to know that there's someone like me! :) P/S: If you give me permission, can I also write about her in my next post? =) One more! I like Theo James too!! =D

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