Monday, March 23, 2015

My first shopping experience with NILE.COM.


I’m not really into online shopping. It’s due to trust issue, of course. Well yeah, how can I not being traumatized, there’s a lots of complaints and bad reviews about online shops here and there. No, I’m not going to take the risk, thank you. I’ll just walk into the shop and buy something that fit me well without having any worries about the conditions of the stuff or delay delivery or payment issues.

Wait. That was way before I found my new favourite entrusted online website!

I came across the website several times, reading through convincing reviews from well-known blogger. Click HERE and HERE and HERE to read the reviews. It was really disturbing, does such online shop exist? They claimed that the service of the online shop was fast, selling fashionable items at affordable prices and promising you a satisfaction of online shopping. Oh really?..really you guys.

Well, let me see.

I searched for the website and started my investigation. By the end of my investigation, I was left with dozens of new tabs, if you know what I mean. -,-“ I must say that it was a huge mistake investigating the website.

I placed an order after Jumuah prayer and made payment on the same day. I got the confirmation of the payment on the next morning. I got my parcel delivered to my college on Monday's noon. I think that the delivery was quite fast considering Saturday and Monday as days off work (weekend). Impressive, one point to you. 

The magical parcel. 

The details on the shoulder.

The sleeves. 

Blouses that I accidentally grabbed from the online shopping website. 

Guess what? I got all 4 blouses at RM 116 with free delivery. I love the fabrics, they are all comfortable and somehow make me looks elegance, ahaks. 

Ey,what are you waiting for? Place your order now! Like, now-now. 

Go search for and choose as many items as you pleased for yourself, your family, husband, kids or friends!  Buy more than RM100 and get free delivery. In case you choose the wrong size or unsatisfied with the condition of the items, they promise you a 7 days return guarantee. 

Okay, okay, you got my trust now In facts, I’m considering about grabbing a few more blouses and dresses, may Allah make my wish come true, hahaha. 


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