Friday, April 3, 2015

Tips to choose and wear perfume.


OMG, this week is the most tiring and hectic week for this semester. I almost die exhausted with formula, calculations and engineering problems. Blerghh even typing about it makes me wanna vomit. I walked like a zombie and my mind progressing things slower than it's normal speed.During lunch hour after performing Zuhur prayer, I will usually apply a thin layer of compact powder, lip balm and perfume before I go to the next class. 

I don't know if it is something magical or what, but wearing perfume and smelling the fragrance help me restore my energy (I don't know, it's magical hahaha) and make me focus. And it also make me feels more confident to interact with my friends yayy! In fact, I feel more relax when my body smells good and will sleep better hehe. 

You should know the tips to choose and wear the perfume. Practicing a proper way when wearing perfume will help the scent last longer. And for that, I would like to share some of the tips so we can smell good together weehuuu. 

Tips when wearing perfume:

1. Do not rub on your perfume and let it dry naturally, rubbing will cause damage to the perfume's molecules and will change it's smell.

2. Spray the perfume on your pulse points (wrists, neck, chest, at the back of your ears and elbow) because it will blend with your body and easily spread the scent to your whole body. 

3. Wear it on the right time which is after shower because your pores is still wide open. 

Tips to choose perfume:

1. Choose the perfume at noon because the sense of smell is at it best during noon. 

2. Know your perfume. Eau de Parfum (EDP) contains approximately 22%-15% of oil, Eau de Toilette contains 15%-8% of oil and Eau de Cologne contains only 4% of oil. The higher the content of oil in the perfume, the longer the smell of the perfume will last. 

3. Shake the perfume and watch out the time for the bubbles in the perfume to disappear. Bubbles in original perfume will only last for a few seconds.

4. Don't rush. Choose the scent that you prefer and suit your personality. 

5. Smell coffee bean after you smell three types of perfumes to neutralize your sense of smell.

By now, I already had 2 perfumes and a body mist with me. I love them! One of them is Flash by Jimmy Choo which I would like to recommend to those who are looking for a sweet mild scent. Another one is Japanese Cheery Blossom by The Body Shop, I love this one too. The body mist that I had is Vanilla Lace from Victoria Secret and this one is also my favorite. Eh of course all of my perfume is my favorite haha. 

Hope you find this entry beneficial to you guys in choosing and wearing perfume. Smell good and I will love you ahaks. Live a good life :) 


  1. wahhhh good tips! sebab tulah Ai suka baca blog ni. heheh one of my fave blog tau :D

  2. my favourite perfumes : dunhill - desire blue, polo and dashing..hehe