Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spread happiness :)


I am one of the people who believe in the statement of ‘what you give, you’ll get it back’. And that’s cover both the good and the bad things. So here how the story begin.

As a student, it is a common to have lots of notes and assignments that we have to print out from the laptop. There are tons of them! And it is a common too for those who have printer will help us to print out our notes and aware with student’s finance, we usually pay the papers.

Last week, there’s bunch of notes that we had to print and made photocopies for the whole class.  Amal and Fali volunteered to do it for us and we were happy to let them do so. I tell you, one note have several pages and there are several notes and imagine the cost of photocopying all of them for 16 of us. Rationally, it should cost one week of our lunch meals as a university’s students.

Surprisingly, Fali announced that Amal wanted to make charity and she paid for all of us.  It feels good to see the act of kindness that Amal did on that day.Fascinated with Amal’s act of kindness, I am inspired to do some charity too. Hence, when I get the opportunity to pay for Japanese language notes which only cost a few cents for each note, I’m happily paid the price for some of my friends. It feels good tho.

The next next day, I’ve been invited to go for tea with two of my classmates. 

We went to Great Eastern Mall and walked into Alexis to have a portion of berries pavlova. It was a good treat and the pavlova taste good. The meringue did not taste too sweet, the strawberry and blueberry were fresh and the whipping cream was just fine. A spoonful of the pavlova was a heaven! Err, actually it was the first time I eat pavlova. Been dying to try it before but never found out one with a good looking that can lure me to invest my money to the shop. I can’t really compare the pavlova with other bakery but this one is quite impressive for a first timer.

Look at the layers! 

Guess what?

My friend’s said it’s her treat! She knew that I wanted to eat pavlova since decades and she wants to make charity too. She knew what Amal and I did, and she want to do good thing for others. She thought that paying for the pavlova will make me happy and of course I am! She made my day, ilysm <3


Imagine this world with peoples who always inspired by other people’s good deed. Don’t you find it amusing? This world will be in the best state ever. People will do good thing and the act of kindness will be floating in the air everywhere. The world will be in peace and the peoples will feel a massive joy and tranquillity. It’s nice, isn’t it?

So, let’s spread the act of kindness, random act of kindness. You can pay toll for the next car, bake a cake for your colleagues, give lunch box to makcik or pakcik cleaner, sending flower to your siblings, buying ice-cream for the kids at a park, or anything that you can think of. The simplest is to smile. 

Spread happiness, please :)


  1. Seriously, I'm craving for that pavlova. T.T

  2. Aku pun ter inspired . Okay mel . Thanks for those advices 😚