Sunday, March 22, 2015

Port Dickson.


I've never been to Port Dickson before. I know that I wrote about Port Dickson when my primary school teacher asked me to write an essay about interesting place to visit during holiday, but naaah, I never been there. Just realize that I’m quite an imaginary person, OMG! Thank God for this gift.

Decade had passed since I wrote that essay. But only yesterday I’ve got a chance to go to PD and see whether my imagination and expectation meet the reality.

It’s actually a family day programme organised by my academic society so it is compulsory or I will have to sit alone in the class for the whole semeseter. Guys, it is a death penalty ok. So I need to follow them.

Otw to PD, we were lost. Since we were wandering along the road by the beach side, we saw a lot of abandon buildings. It’s scary because the buildings were half done and from the colour of the building, I assume they were built in 6 to 20 years ago.

If there’s no human step into the building since years ago, guess who make the building as their home now? Oh. M. G. 

From the view that we had, we knew the place was not safe. We wanted no harm for our juniors. Hence, we decided to turn back to college and cancelled the programme. 


Nah, I'm kidding. It was fun and PD was great! The view was nice, I love the warmth of the sea breeze caresses my skin. Fresh coconut drink that I had was so refreshing, the Mat Salleh and Pak Arab that I here handsome too hahaha.

I love the views, the combination of greenery from big shady tree along the beach side and the blue reflections from the beach. Oh, wait, the shimmering reflections on the water from the sun was perfect!

Aww, I fall in love with you, dear PD.

The beach.

The photshoot's port.

The big shady tree.

The lampin anak, susu anak.

The coconut shared by 5 peoples.

The awkward moment.

The last picture must have a cute face of mine. hahahahaha

But, yeah the buildings are still scary. 

Bye-bye PD! You rock!

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