Sunday, March 15, 2015



Last few days was my friend's birthday. Turns out that I don't really know him but I once went to usrah camp and been studying at the same faculty. We regularly retweet each others tweet if it is inspiring or something good to spread. So you see it is nothing special at all.

Back to his birthday. 

I thought that it's okay to wish him happy birthday. After all, my classmates did told me it's his birthday in front of him. And he whose eating donut at that time turned to me and smile with donut in between his teeth. Haha, ok kidding. He looked at me and smile. So I just tweet him some wishes at that evening after class. 

" Wishing F (obviously not a true name, no one get just one alphabet for a name) a 7665 days of life and may blablabla.."

So what ya think? Out of sudden there's tons of peoples favorite my tweet. And I was like, hey is there any pakatan against me, huh? 

The next, next, next day, when I went to cafe to buy lunch, I talked with one of my close friend and she did mention about my tweet. 

"Hey, your tweet to F is so sweet lah. Obviously it seems that you admire him and yadayada.."

"When you wanna get marry ah?"

"Sho shweet auchh awww"

And again I was like, what the.....! Pfftttt!

Now I get it why peoples hit the favorite button for my plain tweet, they don't really favorite anything plain-useless-tweet before. 

I don't know how it can turn out to be a gossip and rumour for thing like that. Its' okay, I'm good. I'm cool, rock yeah (screaming insanely cause I don't get it!) But then I review that incident and think and come out with a conclusion.

If you don't want people to make gossip about you, don't give 'em reasons to create one.

Nahhh, I'm really good now. 

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