Saturday, September 6, 2014

MMM 14/15


Alhamdulillah, I just get out of a 2 weeks of restless days in my life. Puhhh, exhausted!

Before starting my semester break, I decided to apply a position as facilitator for orientation week. Submit the borang, made compliments for myself, yada yada yada.

Then, when I'm having real pleasure at home, when I already forgot about the application, I got a phone call from the management to register as facilitator. With a heavy heart, I leave my family and friends at home and come to duty.

But it's okay, I persuaded myself that every thing will be fine, all is well. I do this to help the management, to help the new students when they're having their first week in the phase of degree life. I want to help, I want to make things easier for everyone, and I want to bring benefits to my surrounding.

So, I went through camp and briefing, lots of briefing before the big day. On the registration day, I sat at the front counter and I could see every one before they enter the hall. Thus, I got to see parents who came to send off their children. And oh my God, it makes me remember my first day too. How it's feel to be there on the first time, not knowing what it will be on the other day, on the future.

From the face of the parents, I can see mixed of feeling reflected from their eyes, their smiles. I can see hope and love. I can see burden too, but it's hidden. And from the face of new students, I can see freedom, determination and hope too. Many of them gave me their offer letter to be checked with trembling hand, I don't know why. Afraid of future?

And the orientation week, hmm nothing much. Just a week with no-rest-day, no-fun-day, good-free-food-day, accompanying-VIP-day when they're eating, typing names because I'm the secretary and etc. It is completely a new experience to me to work with new friends who don't have any experience at all in handling program.

Now it's time for me to get ready for class. No, I'll never get ready for anything. Nope!

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