Sunday, September 1, 2019

25th Birthday 2.0


August is my birthday's month. Knowing my friends (Sue & Zaty), they will celebrate my birthday. Ewah, yakinnya kamu! We celebrate each other's birthday. Takde la sampai tahap berharap diraikan, cuma we--hmm want to make each other happy (?).

So my birthday fall on working day. It was a normal working day, except I got a lot of message on social media for my birthday when I woke up. Went to work, attend the usual morning briefing within department.

When I was doing my job, Sue came and said she wanted to show me something. Selaku makcik bawang, I thought Sue nak bagitau gossip hahahaha. Rupanya Zaty ada outside of the office, holding a paper.

Looks like an owl holding a letter for me. So cute. I was excited since it looks like Harry Potter receiving offer letter from Hogwart. I loveeeee Harry Potter.

It was a letter from You-Know-Who. I guess it's a she or they, wanted to pick me up at 7.45pm. This looks like the same idea with what me and Sue did for Zaty's last birthday. Yeyyy, at least I'm not going to have dinner alone tonight. Phewww, I hate eating alone in front of the TV.

To cut things short, Zaty picked me up from home while Sue will go straight away from her home. The restaurant turned out to be nearby her house. We talked normally in the car and Zaty called Sue to leave her home saying we're reaching the place in 5 minutes.

It's a new cafe, in the middle of Bandaraya Melaka. It's a beautiful cafe, love it already.

Walking into the cafe, try to find a table. Suddenly--I saw this.

I was puzzled. Sue was there smiling. OH-MY-GOD. What is this???? Is it for me--this extra sweet beautiful table? I was speechless. I heard slow birthday song in the back, and Sue & Zaty was singing there too. I almost cried--but of course they won't see it. Because you know, my stiff boring face will hid it very well.

And you know what-----it's HARRY POTTER theme!

I'm screaminggggg inside but well of course, my stiff face still there. Urghh I hate being expression-less.

The Snitch :'))))))

So guys, I got my offer letter. I knew it, I always know I'm gonna get an offer letter sooner or later. I got into Hogwart at 25 years old so please, never give up in your dreams ok :')

And uuuuu, what is it here? They're being so extra even with the present! 

Really?! This parcel?! I LOVE IT! Awhhh thank you girls :')

It's the house of Hogwarts socks!!!! More elf will be free now. I love is so so so so much!! Been eyeing to buy socks from Shoppee all this while. Getting these socks are so great.

Looks at the cupcake decoration! Awhhh my heart :')))))) I love every single details on it. You have no idea how much I love it. But my face----zzzzzz

It's HARRY POTTER!!!! Screaming again (inside). And it taste so good too, you can head up to @kekudapss to order them. You'll love it as much as I do. Affordable, delicious and can request for any theme you want. Eh sempat promote.

In the middle of the celebration, I accidentally burnt the letter. Ada candle atas meja, tak perasan pulak dah berasap hahaha. Nasib tak merebak kalau tak siapa nak bayar ganti rugi! Pheww.

And I also got this huge bouquet of baby breath. God know how much this cost! AAAAAA--screaming again (inside). I love baby breath and they know it well. This is handmade by Zaty. She have her own floral business and she's a talented florist. You can check her arts at
So lucky to have surprise event planner/home baker and florist as much best friends! Next I wanna befriend bank governor too please :)))))))

This happy (inside) girl really don't know how else she can express her gratitude and appreciation for what they have done. 

I am so happy. I really am. Their efforts are 100%! I have no idea how to plan for next birthday hahaha. Such a high benchmark *sweating* Towards another 75 (years) multiple with 3 (persons) more celebrations (insyaAllah, may we live a long barokah life)

Ahh, finally the food. They tastes so good too! They both had smoked duck aglio olio while I had carbonara. Sedap serius! 

Desserts of the night is pandan leave pancake. Rasa macam makan kuih ketayap versi moden gitu.

Beautiful place, make it perfect.

These girls :') What have I done to have friends like them? Alhamdulillah.

The tote bag is also my birthday's present. Love love love it!

I really don't know how to thank them for what they've done. They're always (most of the time) there for me, making my stay at Malacca less lonely, cheer me up when everything seems hard, listened to each of my rants. Thank you so much.

Love this Harry Potter theme birthday celebration so much! Thank you. Thank you. Feels so blessed, alhamdulillah. May our friendship last till jannah. May Allah bless both of you, bless us. Amin.

Love you XOXO!

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