Friday, May 26, 2017

The first and last dinner.


Sebenarnya event ni dah nak dekat sebulan berlalu tapi sekarang baru ada masa nak update blog. Got to commit to other important stuff.

Ok so let's start!

So this year is my final year as a degree student. Tapi sepanjang 4 tahun ni tak pernah sekalipun my course organised a dinner event. NOT ONCE.

We are the pioneer for this course at the faculty, so basically we're only 28 potatoes from the beginning. The next year our juniors came in and make it more merrier. Years passed by but we 28 potatoes were too lazy to organised a decent dinner for our course. Yeah we did some event like family day to strengthen the bond with our juniors but that's it. Dinner is another event that we must handle with care like a grumpy baby. Year by year, we only watched our friends from another course having fun at their dinner while we grab some burger in the room and watch Doraemon.

However, since this is our final year, the junior has decided to organised a dinner event for us. For memory, awwhh you guys :')

It's quite exciting for us to finally have our own dinner! I know it's only dinner but hello, we can't wear makeup, heels, dress to the cafe. We are engineer, we supposed to look like we haven't sleep for 7 days.

I've been testing 3 makeup style from 3 different makeup experts in the faculty. Macam nak kawin je gaya dia, over sangat hahaha. And I choose Afifah as my MUA for that night, you guys can check up on her if you want to do your makeup with her. I'll leave the number below.

Weh segan nye letak muka besar-besar dekat blog hahaha. Btw the eyes is done to have a look like a sunset and an ombre lips.

I turned up late to the event since Afifah have to do my makeup after maghrib since she have industrial visit on that evening. When I arrived, they already ate and finished the first round of eating. =,='

Oh btw the theme is masquerade. Guess what, I accidentally left my mask when I was rushing to the car. And I run in sandal, not the heels that I supposed to wear =,=''''

 Very simple yet just nice. 

Our performer, Ravivarmarh. Talented engineer. 

The event was wonderful. It's the memory that is important. The peoples that I spent the night with, they make it better. I'll definitely remember this night.

All 28 potatoes and beloved lecture, the one in blue baju melayu, Prof. Goto. He's the nicest lecturer I've ever meet and very knowledgeable. 

My Pilotoq members; Baz, Mai, Kak Farah, Zaty and Yana. 

All of the girls. We has Deepika Padukone in our class guys. And Adriana Lima (that's me). 

Grab someone's mask for this picture. Sorry, the empty seat is taken. 

And to juniors, you did a great job. Bringing to roasted lamb to the dinner deserved an applause *clap clap in my room*

Thank you for the memories. I'll tell my grandchildren how their granny went to masquerade theme dinner without wearing a mask, They must be proud of me their granny go against the rule. I must be cool, no?

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