Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Reviw: Kaizen Sushi


I'm a crazy fans of sushi. And nope, I don't have any Japanese mix in me but if you consider the mixed of ovum and sperm, emm up to you lah.

I always love sushi and this love grows deeper and stronger each day ecewahh!

When I'm at Japan, I was so excited to try sushi made from their original land. But since most of the sushi restaurant use mirin (Japanese alcohol) in their sushi, I can't eat sushi wherever I want. I have to choose carefully and must be fully aware about the ingredients. Lagipun sushi at restaurants often expensive (at Japan) so the last resort is to visit 100yen sushi.

Omg, even at 100yen sushi pun sedap gila okay. Teringat-ingat sampai sekarang.

At Malaysia, the only sushi I eat is from Sushi King. I used to try Sushi Zanmai but I figure out that they use mirin in their sushi when I read some blogs. So I stopped going to Zanmai since I dah hesitate, dah jadi makanan syubhah. So I stay with Sushi King until now.

But guess what guys, I  (read: my friend) found a new sushi restaurant. Yeyyyy!

It is nearby my college, at Setapak. The name is Kaizen Sushi. 

The concept applied by this restaurant is same as Sushi King. The use sushi belt and you can also order your sushi directly to the staff.

The belt, obviously duh! Takkan stesen keretapi pulak kan ha ha hambar. 

                                                                  View inside the restaurant. 

Now the price, it is really cheap. You can choose either plate of RM1.90 or RM2.90. Yes, only these two prices (applicable for sushi on the belt). For me, it is very affordable, I don't have to wait for Bonanza anymore heheheee. Here, I snap some menu. The salmon sashimi don look very tempting haihhh >.<

For the menu, I think it is not fair to compare their sedap-ness with Sushi King since both of them come out with different menu. But I think both of them have comparable taste of sushi. Some sushi at Kaizen can even remind me of Japan, so I think that's good enough for me la. So here comes the pictures.

I think this is one of my fav. Sedap woi, dalam tu ebi tempura, on top is cheesy-like sauce gitew. 

This is smoked duck with sauce on top. The duck is so tender, I love it too. 

Ya Allah, this is the most delicious sushi at Kaizen. You must try! Tak silap nama dia salmon mentai (kutt). 

Yang ni inari boat with cheesy on top and topped with sauce. Sedap jugak but not my fav. 

Weh this one is the winner! Inari boat with two slices of salmon and topped with sauce. Ya Allah, serius sedap. Kalau masuk syurga aku nak makan ni banyak-banyak. 

This is what I ordered, some of them la. There's still more yang I grabbed from the belt hahaha. Can you see the cheesy prawn? Yeah, yang tu pun sedap. And the one that looks like salmon nishoku yang salmon wrapped around the sushi rice tu, I think I like it better at Sushi King. For me la, for you maybe berbeda ya ibu-bapak sekalian.

Tengah congak berapa nak kena bayar lepas makan luls. Look at my plate =,="

Hey guys, this is Shiro. Dia cakap Jepun fasih macam cakap Indon je tau.

Diakhiri dengan sishamo. 

Overall, I rate them 4.2/5. I will definitely come again. Mesti la datang lagi, sedap kot woi! So if you are looking for new sushi restaurant to try out selain Sushi King, you can try Kaizen Sushi. Kedai dia satu bangunan dengan RSMY Naan Cheese dekat Setapak tu. Alaa yang nearby Columbia Hospital tu.

Emmm tetiba rasa nak makan sushi pulak esok, ihiks >,<

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