Friday, January 13, 2017



Yessss, I'm done with my final exam. Feels so good to be able to watch Gossip Girl the whole day without worrying over "how many more chapters I have to cover" or "how many minutes left before our study group will start". Oh, I have to study in group now since I'm too lost in class, don't have any idea of what we are learning the whole semester. So study group helps me to recover everything. That's bad, I know. T.T

After exam, I managed to hang out with my bestie from foundation study. We watched Dangal. Hey, seriously Dangal is the best movie I've ever watched! 10/10! 5 stars! This movie is really awesome. Aaamir Khan never disappoint me. I must say that I gained so many good values from the movie.

They did a good job! 

My Aamir Khan, I means Mr. Amir Khan *clear throat*

1. Victory can't be made overnight. It's comprise of hard work, jumpy journey, sweat and tears.

2. Discipline is key,

3. Father may be hard on us but that's how they convey their love to their children.

4. Everyone can kurus hahaha.

5. Wrestling is ummm I must say, interesting. Especially the ketul-ketul muscles, wow ehem.

6. Women are capable of great things.

7. Believe in yourself. You gotta do it by yourself.

I also learned that I'm quite good in bowling afterwards. We watched The Great Wall too but it was disappointing. However the costume is impressive. The story line is lame and boring.

I think archery is sexy. 

I like this costume the most because it's blue and the head accessory looks great. 

Now, I'm busy with experiments for my final year project. Oh I think I can die out of this thing. I smell like rotten fish, got blurry eyes and blank mind every time I meet my supervisor too. I hope this will went well.

May Allah ease everything for me.

Please remind me about self-love and self-respect, I'm losing it here. T.T

Other than that, all is well. Till I see you again :)

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