Saturday, December 31, 2016

It's 2017!


So it's the end of 2016. What a long unexpected year for me. There's good and bad things happened but it's okay. Either way, I learnt something and become wiser (in some way, maybe).

To review my wishlist in 2016, I will just copy what I have wrote in my entry before.

"1.Involve in volunteering sebab I want to help others and I want to contribute.

2.Get my driving license muahaha. For decades dah tunggu nak buat license tapi asyik tak ada masa.

3. I want to start my own business, and still figuring what kind of business. Hihihi

4. To kurus, this one should be done since 2011. Blame the scrumptious nasi lemak and roti canai depan kolej for that, irresistible. And mama’s nasi kerabu too, and oh yes kerabu megi, milk green tea, chocolate, ice-cream and all foods in the world. "
 Okay, so I didn't achieve anything. Omg, none at all!!!!!

1. I didn't join any volunteering activity, except volunteering myself for food. I joined SUKIPT as committee member, so does it count as volunteerism?

2. Didn't get my driving license either. But hey, I enroll myself for the class. That's a progress, I guess? I blame the long process for this.

3. I was extremely busy with things in 2016 that I don't have any time to start one. My bad, giving too many excuses. But I started to sell dadih at college.

4. Okay this one, this one you know it was impossible for a lazy girl like me. But I did lost 8kg in September because I was at Japan for 3 months. I immediately gained another 8.5kg after I come back to Malaysia.

Suddenly feel bad for myself because I didn't achieve anything. But I think there's good things happened too. There must be! I can't be sad all the time, and I can't be happy all the time too. Nothing last forever, So the highlight of 2016 is:

1. I did my internship at Asahi Yukizai, Miyazaki, Japan! Yes, I got to spent 3 months at Japan and made new friends, wonderful memories and priceless experience. That, was something. And I am very grateful for the opportunity, alhamdulillah.

2. I went for hiking! The lazy Ammelia hiking, that was memorable for me. I'm not willing to walk, let alone the hiking. But since I need to do something good for myself, I joined my friends hiking. To two hills! Yay to myself.

3. Oh, I tried paintball. It was fun! And this inspire me to do my new year wishlist too.

4. I am single lady. Wow, it was an overwhelming emotion. I can't say that I didn't expect the breakup to happen, but I didn't expect it has to end that way. But that's okay, I have no regret at all. I give my best love, I tried. It's not my fault if he can't stay loyal and meet new girl. All the best, bro.

5. I sell dadih for extra income. Occasionally. Only when I have free time in the evening, usually 2-3 times a week. There's not much money but I manage to save some for Jogja vacation. Opps, did I said vacation?

6. I am a final year student of  chemical engineering! I made it people, I pass all of the classes for now. Alhamdulillah, Already submitted my proposal for final year project too. Looking forward to graduate.

That was the highlight but I believe there's more happening throughout the year. Years may changed but what has happened, remain. I believe all things happened for good.  We are bound to experience both ups and downs, that's how we grow. I am thankful for everything and everyone, the good and the bad. Either way, I learnt something and become wiser. Choose people who choose you. Let go when you have to. Time will heal you, eventually. Enjoy your days, be happy. Do things that make you happy. Remove toxic people.

If things are good now, enjoy it. It won't last forever. If things are bad, don't worry because it won't last either.

For 2017 resolution, I want to learn and practice self-love, self-respect and self-worth. I need to love myself, make peace with myself, respect myself to not let any people hurt me and know that I'm worth for better things.

Wishlist for 2017:

1. Driving license, yes again. I hope I can make it happen for real.

2. Bungee jumping.

3. Snorkeling. Which means I have to plan for a trip to island, ihiks.

4. Own a motorcycle, if I have extra money. Or maybe a car?

5. Graduate on time. Oh, this is important. I have enough years at university already,

6. Secure myself a good and comfortable job.

7. Own a blazer, hahahaha. I need it.

8. For real, join volunteerism. InsyaAllah.

9. Read 20 books.

10. Make a photo album. With real photo, not in the instagram or twitter or any social media.

Phewww, that's a lot. But I can do this! InsyaAllah, only with God willing.

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