Sunday, May 22, 2016

A day at Port Dickson


Yesterday I joined family day program at Port Dickson beach. It was a fun and beautiful day. As one of the committee member, I don’t have to sit in group which is a yayy for me. I hate to sit in group doing things like that. Notes to my future boss, don’t worry bcos I’m still a definite team player but it just that I hate doing tele-match and play games like that. And why I explain myself like this in MY BLOG? Hahahaha chill Ammelia!

So as the secretary of the program, I just organise the games, jot down marks and evaluate the teams to determine who the winner is. It was a fun thing to do, I felt that I have so much power muahaha.

I have power over all of these peoples muahahaha!

Forget the working things because I have so much fun time yesterday!

The weather was giving good cooperation too, bright day with a bit of warmth and not scorching hot like usual.

During lunch break, I sun bathing under the tree with my friends. Fali brought ukulele so my friends and I sang a few songs together. I think it was a noise pollution to the others but who cares, listen to our golden voices folks!

Sun bathing a.k.a burn-the-skin session.

Please dm or email for special performance from Fali

After finish organising the games, we got free time before dinner. So I took the opportunity to swim! I’ve been craving for beach, waterfall and pool for a very longggg time. Yes, besides food I also crave for fun in water. It was sooooooo good to be in the water. I got chance to watch handsome men with wet hair in the water too, what a beautiful and handsome view hahahaha. Oh my friends ride banana boat and I have fun watching them being thrown into the water. 

I still have time left before they serve dinner so Kak Farah and I went to the pasar malam opposite to the beach. We bought foods and coconut drink, sat by the beach side and eat the foods.

It feels so good to sit on the warm beach sand, feel the sea breeze on my skin and dig in my bare foot into the sand. We watched the skyline changed into golden orange colour and wait for the sunset. Then there’s a voice behind us…

“Hoii eat dinner faster, the bus is coming”

What a spoiled, huhuhu.


The whole members enjoy the day and that makes me feel better. I slept through the whole journey on the way back to college.

And guess what I got as souvenir from yesterday beautiful-bright-fun-beach day?

Sun burn.


Need at least 3 months to get rid of this sunburn -..-

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