Sunday, January 6, 2019

My Perfect Day


I've been dreaming to have a good day just to spend with myself--that dream has been running in my mind for a very longggggg time. It has to be the day where I..

  • Wear something that makes me feel good
  • Go to a coffee shop in town that I've never been to
  • Have a good meal and drink 
  • Read a good book
And I want to call it "My Perfect Day"!

Waking up in the morning and thinking to myself--why not make it today as "the" day?

So, I took a good long shower. Applied some body butter name 'Beautiful Day' that I bought last week from the sales at Bath & Body Works. I smell like a walking flower garden..or that's what I feels like hahaha.

Chose a clean white blouse to make me feels elegant--white does make you look elegant.
A super loose black palazzo so I will be comfortable and get that flow-y move.
A piece of flower printed scarf in yellow that have been left untouched for a long time.

I make sure a choose everything, not just randomly take anything that is easy to iron or place at the top of the wardrobe only.

I decided to wear makeup too. I have no time to wear makeup when going to work, weekend is the only time where I can use all of the unnecessary makeup I got from previous sales at the drugstore. So, started it with sunblock, a thin layer of compact powder, bronzer for that tanned look, a simple 'sunset' theme eyeshadow, a nice touch of highlighter so I'll look radiant and glowing even when I don't :))) Oh, and finished it with 'Toasted Brown' lipstick from Maybelline.

Walaweh, already looks like Miranda Kerr hahaha. Can I fall in love with myself?

Before going out, took a few pumps of 'Glam Angel' perfume. Seriously, smells good makes me feels good.

Lastly, a random book from the shelf. I choose Perca by Roza Roslan. Read a few of her books befores and I love all of her works. Her piece is always written in simple sentences, bringing me through her past but never fail to make me reflect on myself too.

I choose to have a lunch at Cofeology-just nearby my house.  The cafe has a good ambiance, good music and various meals to choose. It was almost full with peoples spending their weekend with friends and family. Ahhh-I like it already.

I already decided not to be stingy about the price. Workard (not really hard but yeah pretty tired at the end of the day) and gain some money. I always wanted to eat luxurious meal since forever, now I have some penny so why not reward myself now?

Hence, I opted for beef steak for the main course and Cofeology Special drink which I have no idea what it is--but hey surprise me in a good way ok? While waiting for the them to be ready in the kitchen, I read the book.

Fast forward, I dine in the medium rare beef steak. Hmmm...the taste does not like what I imagine when I watch Gordon Ramsay prepared his beef steak on the television.

 But whatever. Now, the drink. Had a sip of it and that's it--I'm in heaven, goodbye world. It was sooooo good! There's a hint of espresso, chocolate, biscuit, caramel, whipped cream and I don't know what else because I don't have the tongue of Jamie Oliver nor Wolfgang Puck. Love love love it.

After finished the whole plate, I read a few lines of the book again. Just a quiet read--at the corner of the cafe while sitting comfortably on the couch.

The day won't be perfect without a good sweet dessert. So I ordered Creme & Berries Waffle. Now, that's perfect.

After almost 3 hours in the cafe, I have to go back or I will other another cup of coffee and cake. I don't believe that I have that kind of self control :')

While I was at the counter to pay, the cashier what's book that I read and what's good about it. Thank you cashier-you complete my day. I always dream that the staff from the coffee shop to ask about the book I read or if I have a good meal--just like in the movie. Hahahaha! Thank you so much for make it a dream comes true <3

Now, back at home. I listened to the 'I feel good' song and dance too. Wehhhh, this is really MY PERFECT DAY. A good Sunday, spend alone with good book and good meal. Alhamdulillah. Will ereat it again some day after I recover from the bankruptcy hahahaha.

Till the next time! XOXO!

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