Wednesday, April 19, 2017

His birthday


19 April.

It's his birthday. Happy birthday my dearest love.

I don't have long wishes this year, already put it in my everyday prayers. Won't miss your name in my prayers, till the end insyaAllah.

I'm really bad at giving present and you don't want any too. So here's an entry as your birthday present, can ah?

Today is your day, it's ummi and abah's day actually since they got twin years ago. I envy them ^.^

I just wanna let you know,

---Loving you is the best thing I've ever done.
---And how can I make you understand, that you are everything I have ever wanted?

---And most importantly, you are good enough for me. You are good enough, bae <3

I have stayed for years through ups and downs with you, what makes you think I'm gonna change my mind?

Love you, always.

Takkan pudar senyumanmu yang pertama
Selamanya tetap kau sempurna
Sayang kau lah segalanya, sayang

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