Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mamak's week


Mamak is so famous especially in KL. But I have the thought of food at Mamak is quite expensive compared to small kedai makan and it's better for me to grab foods from fast food restaurants. So I never step my foot into any Mamak's restaurant before.

In my last trip to Jogja, I kenal sorang new friend. She is a friend of my classmate and joined our trip. We called her Deah and she is happy go lucky, making jokes all the time and selfless. I have to make sure she will not find my blog with all these praises hahaha.

She is a fan of Mamak. Big. Big. Fan.

As for me, I am a big lover of food. With big fat stomach as package :(

So when she kept repeating her love towards Mamak, terjentik sikit hati nak try.

When I was a kid, my aunt frequently brought me to an Indian restaurant to have breakfast with roti canai, capati, nasi daun pisang and thosai. It was a very long time ago and I kinda miss thosai. Thosai susah la nak jumpa, pernah jugak cari tapi tak jumpa.

Deah somehow reminds me of my childhood breakfast at that restaurant. And I miss spending time with my aunt too :(

So to Mamak we go.

First time at the Mamak, I ordered naan cheese and chicken tandoori because I miss naan cheese. Thosai can wait. Omg the roti naan is so cheesy, sedapnyaaaa.

The second time I ordered thosai of course! With roti tisu shared with my friend. It was so good to have the taste of childhood again. The thosai was so good! Sedap wuii. Yang sengalnya, since it was the first time we went to Mamak, we didn't know how to call the waiter to make order.

"Panggil je abang manis~"

My beloved thosai. Gambar dari Google.

Then hari esoknya pergi Mamak lagi. Order thosai lagi hihi. And roti Arab which is basically looks like a huge roti burger without patty, not my favorite. But the thosai, haihhh I fall in love.

Paling tak boleh blah, esoknya pergi Mamak lagi hahaha. 3 days in a row dinner dekat Mamak. Tapi kali ni order mee goreng Mamak and roti pori (camtu ke eja?). This roti is crispy thin and sedap la jugak. Roti tisu lagi win.

Ini la bentuk roti pori, tak ada pori-pori pun. Gambar dari Google

Oh btw, Deah selalu mentioned about teh tarik halia. So we tried it too and I like it, very much. You should try it too tapi kalau tak suke the taste of ginger, tak payah la engkau coba ya.

Now, I like Mamak too. It's too early for love miahaha. But I love thosai. It's feel good to try something new and actually, it's not that expensive. Well, maybe I'll make Mamak as my weekend treat ihiks. Wifi pun laju dan emmm, ada jejaka ganteng juga *clear throat*

Dasar jakun hahaha.

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